VistaPost provides the highest level of service and expertise with

  • Live international address accuracy data cleansing
  • Integration of the latest private delivery options with local postal delivery across the globe
  • End-to-end track and trace—from printer or fulfillment house to delivery injection
  • Live reporting of distribution project
  • Web broadcast postal validation
  • 24-hour live service contact

Analysis and Recommendations

  • Complete overview and analysis of foreign data files and deliverability of addresses. Produce detailed data report
  • Advise on correct international addressing protocols (field lengths, characters, etc.)
  • Overview expected delivery times and advise of cost reduction possibilities through re-routing within global network
  • Advise of additional pre-sort and qualifications that can dramatically lower postage costs
  • Provide alternative solutions for apparent non-deliverable addresses

Value-added Services

  • Overview all international distributions and provide live quotations on each project to assume full cost savings
  • Re rate & advise of further savings each business quarter on changes that may help reduce distribution costs further. Rates will be revised accordingly
  • Produce a full routing and method for each country to show how reductions are achieved and cost reduced
  • Include cost overview by region to show variances in cost to each world region
  • Provide cultural advice on creative aspects including the use of foreign characters

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