Postal Disruptions

Updated: March 30, 5:20 pm

October 22nd 2010

Postal Disruptions into France

Major delays expected into France in the coming days.
Civil situation is deteriorating with train drivers, airport workers joining protests.
Particularly hard hit are the following areas: Mail to Paris, Lyon, Lille, Bordeaux and
Marseilles continues. Over one million people, including postal workers, took to
the streets yesterday in protest against planned pension reforms.
We have had no reports from the French Post Office on the severity and hope to have some
information Monday, expect at least 5 7 day delays.
Fuel supplies have been severely restricted.
French senators passed the controversial reform earlier today.

International Bulk Inventory Upload Issues on Amazon foreign Platforms

We are hearing further sporadic delays on bulk inventory uploads to Amazon foreign
platforms. Some delays have been reported at over 48 hours for uploads.
We will monitor and update further next week.

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